Amalgam Removal

Our Amalgam Removal Protocol

We offer an extremely comprehensive amalgam removal service following strict protocols to minimize mercury exposure.

1.) Panoramic X-ray

When you visit a dentist, x-rays are typically taken where a piece of plastic is placed inside your mouth which you bite down on, and pictures are taken of your teeth. Dentists often do a few of these x-rays to check for any conditions that may be affecting different parts of the mouth.

A panoramic dental x-ray, in contrast, creates a single image of the entire mouth.

As well, panoramic x-rays are more comfortable for patients to have taken, and can also be taken quickly which is very helpful when a patient is in alot of pain.

The panoramic x-ray can show us a patient’s nasal area, sinuses, jaw joints, teeth and surrounding bone. It can also reveal cysts, tumors, bone irregularities, and it helps us in locating mercury fillings which can be in form of a tattoo in the gum or inside the bone.

It also helps us precisely locate a root cannal or titanium implants and cavitations.

2) Biocompatibility test for dental materials

This is a blood test that will help us assess which dental materials are most biocompatible for you. It’s important that the materials used in your treatment are biocompatible to your immune system and do not cause a negative reaction.

3) Electrical Readout of Each Filling or Metal Restoration

It’s important that we check the electrical potential of each filling or metal restoration before the removal process begins. If we check a filling and it has a negative current, that filling or restoration must be removed first. Any fillings or restorations with a positive current will be removed last. This is done to give your immune system a better chance to recuperate in case of disease.

4) Oxygen Nose Mask – Rubber Dam

Our amalgam removal protocols involve techniques used to minimise any mercury exposure to you or our dental team as each filling is taken out. This includes the use of a rubber dam, separate oxygen supplies to our patient and dental team, high volume suction, separate high volume extraction filtration system and high speed specialised dental burs that remove amalgam with the least possible mercury release.

5) Vitamin C I.V.

Vitamin C has been know for years to cleanse the liver, to help the bowels move to work with collagen, to help intestinal flora, and is very helpful as a heavy metal chelator.

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