How much do dental implants cost?

As dental care costs skyrocket in countries like USA and Canada, high cost procedures such as dental implants are out of reach for alot of people. But just across the border in Tijuana, Mexico people are heading to our implant clinic for affordable, world-class dental implants.


Our prices for dental implants and general dental care are much lower for the same services.


For your peace of mind we offer warranties for the actual procedure(s) and lab work.


We use only the highest quality, biocompatible materials.

dental implant cost

Dental Implants are a highly specialised treatment

Restoring your smile is a transformation that's very personal and individualized. From the actual surgical requirements to the choice of materials, there are many factors that influence the cost of dental implants such as:

• number of teeth missing
• the type of implant
• whether or not you need bone grafting

Once you send us your dental x-rays and speak with our dental implant specialist Dr. Montano, we’ll be able to give you the cost of your treatment before we move forward in the process.

Get started today by getting a quote. We'll have you smiling in no time with our world-class dental implant services at affordable prices.