Cavitations & Extractions

What is a cavitation?

A cavitation is a hole in the bone, usually where a tooth has been removed and the bone has not healed or filled in properly. It is an area of osteonecrosis (dead bone).

Cavitations act as a breeding ground for bacteria and toxins. Research has shown these bacterial waste products are extremely potent and can result in digestion problems, chronic fatigue, a general feeling of unwellness, as well as other chronic health problems. Cavitations can also cause blockages on the body’s energy meridians and have far-reaching impact on the overall system.

Tooth Extraction

When we extract teeth, we perform a cavitation clean up after the surgical procedure. This is done by using a burr to clean the unwanted tissue, removing 1 mm of unwanted bone and then flush the area out with iodine and a saline solution. The body does the remainder of the work by healing the area and reproducing new bone.


We use a panoramic x-ray to check for any sign of infection in the bone density, cavitations and root canals.

We also take an electric readout to check of metal restorations for positive or negative currents. This method helps us find which restoration is leaking mercury ions or nickel ions into the immune system. As well, it helps us to determine if there is a tooth with a corresponding energy blockage relating to a particular organ, gland, muscle, limb etc in your body.

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