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  • "Dr. MONTANO is very competent and yet kind. The staff is also very kind and friendly. I am very happy I chose this clinic to have implants done for myself and my husband."
    Mary T
    USA - 5 Stars
  • "I’ve been a highly satisfied patient since Dr. Edgar started his dental practice. I’ve seen his growth as a full-service dentist and feel fortunate to be a prime beneficiary. Dr. Edgar is skilled and caring like no other dentist I’ve known or observed. I’ve seen him handle all dental needs that arise with expert action and I’ve benefitted myself. And his training and expertise with implants could not have come at a better time for my evolving dental needs."
    Robert S
  • "Atención profesional y muy cordial, instalaciones cómodas y agradables."
    Adriana S
  • "I've been searching for dental crowns in TJ and last Saturday i had a list of 6 places to go and get an estimate , after been in 5 location and don't be very satisfied with the answers and the prices my last visit at this place BIOIMPLANTCENTER i feel very confident and well treated by Dr Edgar Montano , the place is excellent and the Energy got me , his professionalism was excellent and i thing positive that i made the best decision to have him start work in my mouth . so far we have a big way to go i am going to be doing one full implant and 4 crowns . Thanks Dr for you kindness.”
    Mario P
  • Beatrix
    USA - 5 Stars
  • "I'm very impressed with how easy it was to get to the office, make the appointment and have the follow up visits. Dr. Montano and Dr. Valenzuala are excellent dentists. The sedation was very comfortable and I have had very little pain from the implant procedure. I'm looking forward to my crowns and would recommend Bio implant center to friends and family."
    Jennifer F
  • “Great customer service. Very professional staff. Doctors do excellent work and take great care when working with patient. Dr. answers all your questions and makes you feel he/she cares. They explain to patient every pricedure to be done and ensure you always know what is going on. I definitely will recommend others.”
    Veronica L
    5 Stars
  • “I would like to thank you for the excellent care and valuable information we received from you and your staff during our visit this past Wednesday. Going to the dentist is not most people's idea of a fun day but it really wasn't that bad. I am suffering no ill effects other than I can tell there was work done (a little tender/sensitive around implant site). All-in-all a recommendable experience. Thanks for your service.”
    David R
    5 Stars
  • “This is the best dental clinic I've been to so far. Doctor Edgar Montano and his staff are very professional and accommodating. They are all top of the line professionals, with superb workmanship, artistry and state of the art equipment. Doctor Montano also has one of the gentlest hands in the industry.I highly recommend this clinic especially if you want your teeth taken care of the right way. I will fly or drive to Bio Implant Center, for all of my dental needs. Doctor Montano thank you for giving me my smile back.”
    Alin Rios
    USA — 5 Stars
  • “My experience at Bio implant center was great. Dr. Edgar made me feel like family and made me feel safe in a vulnerable situation. I arrived with a cold and after having the vit. C in IV, my cold was gone and my surgery complete. My implant and the removal of my amalgum fillings went smooth and Dr. Edgar got everything done for me in one day. I will definatly be back and will recommend friends and family.”
    Audrey R
    USA — 4 Stars
  • “I had been searching and praying for years for answers why I was dealing with a run down immune system, chronic fatigue syndrom and cold sores on my lips every 3 weeks. I was taking herbal supplements to help me with this, yet it still did not seem to help. Well this answer came to me when I met Dr Edgar Montano . When he examined my mouth, the first thing he recommended was that I should remove all of my crowns and replace them with zirconium crowns, as they were broken down and that the nickel in the crowns were causing my immune system to work overtime, making me to be chronic fatigued and also that the cold sores on my lips were coming from the nickel crowns. I agreed to remove them from my mouth and in half an hour after he removed them, I again had the biggest cold sore sitting on my lip. Dr Montano explained that this happened because of me removing the nickel , the particles in the crowns had made my lips react . After the cold sore healed I have not had another episode of cold sores even though its very cold where I live and I sometimes I go outside without bundling up. I know now that my prayers have been answered by me meeting Dr Montano. Thank you Bio Implant Center. Keep up the good work.”
    Lydia Wipf
    Canada — 5 Stars
  • “Loved the service they provide and would totally recomend them.”
    Jonathan Wipf
    Canada — 5 Stars
  • “At first I Took my time doing a vast research looking for a Real Holistic Dental place for my dental implants, and with the help of my previous dentists both recommended me with Dr. Montano, finally I decided to go ahead and do it, I was kind of scare about the pain and care after the surgery, lastly a couple of weeks ago Dr. Montano did two metal free implants on me, surgery went smooth not as painful as I though, excellent care and service, friendly and courteous staff , all my questions and concerns answered, the only regret is that took me so long (a couple of years) I recommend Dr. Montano to my friends and family looking for this quality of services.”
    Bernardo Ramirez
    USA — 5 Stars
  • “I have been a patient of Dr. Montano for a short time and I have to say Dr. Montano is one of the best, most knowledgeable dentist I have ever had the pleasure of having dental work done by! I have had a lot of  dental work done in my lifetime and I can honestly write this about Dr. Montano.....The Dr. is a young man, he has a very innovative mind, his clinic is state of the art, he is extremely talented  he is open minded, he certainly keeps up with the newest technology while practicing the safest/healthiest dentistry out there known as holistic dentistry and his prices are far better than competitive! I see Dr. Montano as one of the very best dentist out there, I highly, highly, highly recommend Dr. Montano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    She T
    USA — 5 Stars
  • “Lovely clean all new office-very relaxing and how wonderful to be treated with caring respect--thank you.
    Beverly and Curtis Sheldon
    USA — 5 Stars
  • “I feel fortunate to be recovering so well from my recent surgery and (pain aside) thankful that it went so well. But I realize, and have for a long time, that an experienced and caring dentist can make that happen -- if at all possible.
    USA — 5 Stars
  • “Dr. Montano and his staff are truly as good as it gets. i had a really bad case of pericoronitis for a long week. The pain was awful. Dr. Montano removed my wisdom tooth during my consultation. He was really understanding and patient. I'm really grateful, and would definitely come back when I need to.
    Wendy D
    USA — 5 Stars