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Electromagnetic System of the Body

According to Chinese Acupuncture, the ancient Chinese people have recorded the energy flow throughout the body from 2074 B.C. till now. This approach to healing includes the fundamental principle that energy flows by invisible channels (meridians) to the respective 361 acupuncture points. There are 12 meridians, bearing the names of the organs which they energize and 2 vessels on the midline of the front and back of the body. They vary both in length and in the number of points.

The Chinese believe that the main cause of illness is an imbalance of energy flow in your body. When some part of the body develops an oversupply of energy, another part of the body will have less energy. Once there is a blockage of energy flow, pain occurs.

If the organ or tissue system producing this electromagnetic energy was in a state of inflammation, excess energy will be produced. If the body is in a state of degeneration, then it will not produce sufficient energy. A simple way to understand acupuncture is to picture the body’s exchange of electromagnetic energy with the environment. Everything in the universe gives off electromagnetic energy.

There are many dental reports regarding the disappearance of systemic disease problems following dental treatment or the extraction of a tooth. A chronic stimulation to a particular tooth can affect a related organ by the bioenergetic flow of energy.

To cite an example, the upper first and second molars or the lower first and second bicuspids are related to the esophagus, stomach, spleen, mammary gland, and maxillary sinus. In view of these connections, any dissimilar fillings to these may produce a chronic stimulation which in turn may change the electromagnetic energy and cause a variety of diseases to enter the related organs.

For example, Carcinoma of the esophagus usually causes subtle dysphagia early in its course. Unfortunately, patients with this disease often do not seek medical advice promptly, and the diagnosis is usually made relatively late when only 20% of patients are surgical candidates. Therapy for carcinoma of the esophagus has been very disappointing. The five-year survival rate after surgical therapy alone has been about 10% for carcinoma in the distal esophagus and even lower when the tumor is located in the middle or upper esophagus.

Chronic stimulation by a remote transmission to certain parts of the body may cause abnormal hyperplasia of tissue cells. This can be explained by the theory of electromagnetic energy. Galvanism in the oral cavity is the main factor producing chronic stimulation.

Galvanism is a condition in which burns and other soft tissue changes such as gingivitis and bleeding, are caused by a potential difference created by dissimilar metals in the oral cavity, with saliva serving as the electrolyte.

There are four types of galvanism:

The classic example of dental galvanism is that of a silver amalgam placed in opposition or adjacent to a tooth restored with gold. These dissimilar metals in conjunction with saliva and body fluids constitute an electric cell. When brought into contact, the circuit is shorted, the flow of electrical current passes through the pulp, and the patient experiences pain.

A second potential pathway for these currents may occur between teeth in the same arch but not in contact with one another.

The third and most widely recognized form of electrolytic action as the source of a patient’s pain and discomfort is the rather classic one of dissimilar metals coming into contact when the mandibular and maxillary teeth occlude.

The fourth type of galvanic situation occurs when two adjacent teeth are restored with dissimilar metals. The current flows from metal to metal through the dentine, bone, and tissue fluids of both teeth.

Gold and amalgam placed in contact in the oral cavity will cause galvanic current and increased corrosion of the amalgam, with the release of the metal ions. Among the sources of irritation which can be considered as possible factors in the production of precancerous and cancerous lesions, the oral cavity may be included because of the electrical irritation effect produced by the combination of metals used for filling teeth and the construction of other dental prosthesis.

We can detect a flow of current not only between metals of two different potentials but also between alloys of the same type: namely amalgam to amalgam, and gold to gold. Investigation of oral currents requires a milti-tester to measure the development of electrical current in miliamperes (mA) or the potential difference in millivolts (mv).

Those patients with symptoms of Bell’s palsy, tinnitus, vision disturbance, chronic headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, idiopathic neuromuscular pathologies of head and neck, bruxism, or severe depression should require electrical testing.

Once the amalgam was removed, the abnormal potential restoration was no longer negatively influencing the nerve. This procedure allowed the nerve to return to a normal state and minimize the possibility of any additional chronic stimulation.

In the December 1908 American Journal of Acupuncture, Peter Madill, M.D., describes the lack of communication between dentists and physicians on such problems to determine when dental attention is required as well as the requisite interventions.

According to Dr. Tuck, if the measurement is over 100mV treatment is recommended.

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