Dental Implants

Get a long-term solution with dental implants

Dental implants are more than just another dental treatment procedure. Dental implants are a truly transformative approach to helping you reclaim what you’ve been missing, and the benefits go far beyond a new smile.

Our patient smiling again with All on 4 implants

Common Dental Health Issues

We have experience working with a wide range of dental issues, and we’re here to help! Whether you’re suffering from gum disease, teeth damaged in an accident, avoided the dentist for years, or simply have weak teeth, our dental team will help you decide if dental implants are right for you.


Unhealthy or Missing Teeth

Unhealthy or missing teeth can happen for a variety of reasons. They might be the result of a lifetime of wear and tear. Or maybe it's genetics. Regardless of the reason, dental implants provide a long-term tooth replacement solution.


Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. The good news is dental implants can help provide a long-term solution to this common problem.


Accident or Injury

A serious accident can do serious damage to your smile. Dental implants can restore injured or broken teeth and help you get back your confidence and doing what you love.

Lack of Dental Care

Avoiding regular checkups can take a toll on your teeth. Thankfully, dental implants can help alleviate a lifetime of dental issues.

Dental Implant Treatments

One of the reasons why dental implants are becoming the new standard in tooth replacement is their versatility. Whether you’re looking to replace a complete row of upper or lower teeth, multiple teeth, or a single tooth, dental implants can address a wide range of tooth replacement needs.


All-Ceramic Implants

A 100% metal-free tooth replacement solution.



Replace a whole arch of teeth with All-on-4 or All-on-6 dental implants.


Full Mouth Restoration

We can repair multiple dental issues in one treatment plan.


Implant Supported Dentures

Placing two dental implants in the lower jaw is a cost-effective solution.


Dental Implant Bridge

A dental implant bridge is perfect for restoring multiple missing adjacent teeth.

Bone Grafting

With dental implants, the jawbone needs to have a substantial amount of volume in order to accommodate a zirconium post.


IV Sedation

At Bio Implant Center IV Sedation is performed by a licensed anesthesiologist (M.D).


IV Vitamin C Treatment

This treatment can be very beneficial for patients going through implant surgery.

Smile Makeovers

Do you suffer from dental anxiety?

We can help! Dental anxiety is very common and can affect people of any age. We offer IV sedation to help you feel calm and relaxed. At Bio Implant Center IV Sedation is performed by a licensed anesthesiologist (M.D).

Why Bio Implant Center

Dr. Edgar has spent the last 20 years helping patients put their chronic dental health issues behind them so they can get back to talking, chewing, and smiling again with confidence and comfort.

We believe dental implants have the power to transform more than just your smile. They have the power to transform your life, which is why we specialize in dental implants at Bio Implant Center. The newfound confidence you’ll feel with dental implants will help you feel like yourself again, reconnect with loved ones and so much more!


One Team, Cost and Location

We'll help support you through every decision, from start to finish, all from one fully-equipped dental clinic. With our doctors and equipment under one roof, your dental transformation couldn't be more convenient.

A Value Investment

At your free consultation, we'll give you one final, all-inclusive price and discuss all of your financing options and payment plans so you can make the best investment in yourself.

World-Class Expertise

Our extensive experience in the dental implant field gives you the best possible treatment results.

Committed to Dental Excellence and Affordability

Thanks to the lower cost associated with dentistry in Mexico, we offer patients the same great results – but at a fraction of the cost, while still adhering to U.S. standards of care. Plus, our practice accepts major U.S. dental insurance plans and we even offer warranties on our work! See examples of our dental prices below.


Simple Extraction

Porcelain Veneer

Zirconia crown

Bone graft (small)

Standard titanium implant (implant only)

Sinus Lift

All on 4 titanium implants (upper or lower)


SaVE 40-60%

$175 USD   $110 USD

$1,486 USD   $380 USD

$1,600 USD   $600 USD

$1,500 USD   $400 USD

$2,200 USD   $800 USD

$4,000 USD   $850 USD

$20,533 USD   $7,899-$9,000 USD

Insurance and Financing

Dr. Edgar and our team will work with you to relieve your pain, solve your dental issues and improve the health of your smile!

Treatment Finance

We work with people of all credit histories and backgrounds. Get the smile you deserve today. Once you apply, you will receive a response within the hour. Apply here.

Flexible Payment Options

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Travellers Checks, Cash and Paypal

Guaranteed Work

For your peace of mind we offer warranties on our work!

We are a MetLife provider, and work with the following US dental insurance providers: 


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Dental Implant FAQ

Find out the general healing time, what the procedure involves, and much more.

Before Surgery

The following instructions are to be read and followed carefully before your dental implant surgery.

After Surgery

These instructions are to be followed immediately after dental implant surgery.

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